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Global Inflation: Draw on AXA IM's expertise and leadership

The global inflation-linked bond market offers attractive opportunities, given the size and diversity of the investment universe, and the resulting opportunities for portfolio diversification and potential for uncorrelated returns. While long-term real interest rates reflect macroeconomic trends, short-term fluctuations create opportunities for active management. And although inflation and interest rates across geographic regions may be correlated, existing regional differences strengthens the case for actively managing global inflation.

Why AXA IM for Global Inflation Bonds?

  • Actively-managed, multiple yield sources. Active management decisions reflect the investment team's views on the future path of inflation, real vs. nominal yields and country-specific inflation, carry trades and yield curves.
  • Team-based approach: A dedicated, highly experienced team managing Global, Euro and UK inflation-linked funds closely supported by a diverse range of fixed income teams
  • Extensive experience and market presence: AXA IM has a long-standing experience of over 25 years in managing global inflation-linked assets, with €18.9* billion in global inflation-linked assets under management.


What are the risks associated with global inflation bond investing?

  • Risk of invested capital loss
  • Risk of global investmentsDerivatives risk and leverage  
  • Derivatives risk and leverage 
  • Investors are advised to refer to the current prospectus for a detailed description of risk consideration



* Source: AXA IM as of 30/12/2016